Project Wedding Hall

The main condition in any wedding ceremony is the solemnity of the situation. To ensure this can mean the interior of the hall, furniture, decor and, of course, the lighting. It depends on all these factors whether the newlyweds will feel like in a fairy tale.

Our team implemented a similar project in Moldova, putting all its efforts to achieve the desired effect. As a result, the hall received a beautiful design with lighting devices created by the best designers of our company. After many created sketches, we managed to find the very solution about which we can safely say «perfect !».

Project "Yantarnaya Casino"

Chic and luxury - that's what every casino visitor should see. Only this can lead to positive thoughts, the game, excitement, the desire to win. Therefore, the interior of the casino is thought through in advance, and the best designers take part in its planning. This applies not only to finishing materials and furniture, but also lighting. Dull unprepossessing light, budget lighting, can greatly damage the image of such an institution. A client will just does not want to stay, let alone take part in a long and exciting game.

Project "Rohmah Mosque"

Eastern style has started to enjoy unprecedented success in Europe. This applies to architecture, and the decoration of premises, and, of course, lighting. In this regard, the East has always been one step ahead of European countries - chic lighting fixtures adorned palaces and mosques, pagodas and cathedrals, representing almost the main element of the decor.

Project «Geometry»

Today, there are more and more fans of the minimalist style in the interior. People want to forget about the pretentiousness of past centuries, and prefer modernity. A distinctive feature of this style is a strict line of all objects, geometric forms. In addition, this style can look extraordinarily elegant, if the execution of the project is done by professionals.

The project. House in Odessa

One of the most difficult moments in equipping the room with lighting fixtures is the combination of chandeliers in classical and modern style. However, for our team this is not a problem. On the contrary, it is very rewarding for us to implement similar projects, since the result can be compared to a real masterpiece of art! Completion of the residence in Odessa required a huge amount of strength and skill, but we coped with this. The lighting fixtures we designed fit perfectly into the interior, effectively emphasising all its features.

Gothic Church in Manchester

The modesty and restraint of the inhabitants of England are known throughout the world. But this concerns only manners and rules of conduct. The decorations and interior design of everything is just the opposite , proof of this is the architecture of Britain, which is richly decorated and always delights.

Cristalica Kingdom in Dubern (Germany)

From time to time our company takes part in the lighting design of various buildings, including historical or cultural sites. One of such objects was the project Cristalica Kingdom - a chic showroom of the German company in Duberne "Cristalica", which produces elite glass products. We were invited to make coverage of this showroom, which could highlight all the beauty of the exhibition products in it. And this meant that we had to pick up lighting devices that were superior in quality and design. In particular, we were required to think over the stylistics of the main chandelier, as well as additional lighting - spots (spotlights).

Project. Villa in Kiev.

Most of our customers want to get a lighting system made in an original and inimitable style. At the same time it is important that all the lighting fixtures fit into the interior of the room, conforming to it, and at the same time not to have excessive pretentiousness. Everything should be in harmony (refined, elegant, interesting), when both the owner of the house and his guests can admire the elegant design of each lighting device.