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Historical residence

In 2015 our team received another historical object for renovation. It was a residence built in the Neo-Gothic style, and located in the triangle of the cities of Lodz, Poznan and Wroclaw. The distinctive features of the residence were  the huge halls, impressive with its scale and splendour, and a unique atmosphere. The building was restored in 2010, but the issue of lighting remained open for a long time.

Project Wedding Hall

The main condition in any wedding ceremony is the solemnity of the situation. To ensure this can mean the interior of the hall, furniture, decor and, of course, the lighting. It depends on all these factors whether the newlyweds will feel like in a fairy tale.

Our team implemented a similar project in Moldova, putting all its efforts to achieve the desired effect. As a result, the hall received a beautiful design with lighting devices created by the best designers of our company. After many created sketches, we managed to find the very solution about which we can safely say «perfect !».

Showroom in Geneva

The lamps that are presented in our online store can be bought online and delivered anywhere in Switzerland. But no matter how convenient online shopping is, sometimes you want to see the product live before purchasing it. Therefore, we are happy to announce that we have opened a showroom, which presents the main groups of lamps.

Project «Nature» exhibition Architect

Can you creatively express all the beauty that nature creates? Of course! This is proved by our masters at the famous Architect exhibition, organised in Thailand. The lighting systems presented by us can harmoniously approach the majority of interior styles. And this is not surprising, because it is nature that inspired our designers while creating sketches for future lamps and chandeliers.

Cristalica Kingdom in Dubern (Germany)

From time to time our company takes part in the lighting design of various buildings, including historical or cultural sites. One of such objects was the project Cristalica Kingdom - a chic showroom of the German company in Duberne "Cristalica", which produces elite glass products. We were invited to make coverage of this showroom, which could highlight all the beauty of the exhibition products in it. And this meant that we had to pick up lighting devices that were superior in quality and design. In particular, we were required to think over the stylistics of the main chandelier, as well as additional lighting - spots (spotlights).

Project «A-Club»

Recently, our team completed work on a lighting project for an elite night club “A CLUB” in Spiez (Switzerland). The task was interesting - we had to emphasise the luxury of a VIP club with classical-style lighting that would harmoniously fit into the luxurious interior of a modern night club.

Project Private Residence

ARTGLASS designers were given the task of developing a lighting project for a private residence in Newcastle (England). During the implementation, a classic style of chandeliers and lamps with crystal pendants was used, which made it possible to emphasise the respectability and restraint of the overall style of the interior.

Project «Lotus»

In various cultural traditions, the lotus flower symbolises the realisation of the potential spiritual possibilities of man. In Buddhism, the blossoming lotus symbolises spiritual unfoldment and purity.

We were approached by representatives of a Buddhist temple in Singapore, with the request to embody the idea of this spiritual foundation into a designer chandelier. It was not simple, but a very interesting task for our masters to convey the spiritual idea of ​​Buddhism in the metal and glass of the lamp, and fill it with radiant light from within.

Project «Particles»

When designing the series "Particles" designers tried to move away from the use of classical forms, replacing them with futuristic glass elements that seem to float in weightlessness on barely noticeable threads and wires. These lamps are not only lighting elements in the room - they are works of art!

Ceiling lamps

Ceiling lamps in recent years are becoming increasingly common. Such lighting devices are characterised by compactness, simple but elegant design, in which there is nothing superfluous, simple installation. They are gradually replacing the volume chandeliers, especially this is true for small rooms with low ceilings. Having placed several such devices, you can get excellent and high-quality lighting.

Elite lighting

Despite the wide variety of lighting devices present on the market, it's rather difficult to find something original and suitable for an exclusive interior. Most models of lamps are designed for mass market, and, accordingly, not always suitable for the decoration of an elite mansion, penthouse or a luxurious estate. In this case, the best choice will be high-end fixtures.

Modern lighting fixtures

Any room needs basic and additional lighting. However, such devices as modern lamps can act as the main source of light - everything depends on the size, model and design.

Today, the European market presents a variety of options for lighting systems. The days when lamps were just for light are now a thing of the past - in the course of time people have learned to turn them into decor objects that harmoniously fit into a modern interior design. It is not suprising that the market is full of both simple models, and the rather bizarre. At the same time, even a simple-looking lamp, if it has a high quality of materials and assembly, can become an ornament of the interior, as such lamps will talk about the prosperity and status of the owner.

Project «Stopnica»

Sometimes there are buildings with a rather ascetic design, but they are not devoid of solidity and solemnity. The main aim of the project, that was followed by the designers of these interiors were that there should be nothing superfluous, but what is - should be perfect. The Stopnica project is a vivid confirmation of this. The low-key interior design appeals with solidity and chic. The only thing that was missing was a lighting device worthy of taking its place in this building.

Project «Shooting Range»

When an order for the design of a national cultural monument comes, our team is ready for any difficulties. In 2008, one such project was an object called Strelbische, located in the Czech Republic. The building was originally constructed at the end of the XIX century, and was the venue for important ceremonies, concerts, public events. This meant that the lighting had to be perfect.

Project Zagan Castle

The Zagan castle project was implemented in 2013. Our specialists were tasked to equip this majestic building with an appropriate lighting solution. At the same time, these devices should be created from modern materials but at the same time look like antiques to fit into the overall interior of the premises. And our team did it!

The main emphasis was placed on the chandeliers, they were at all times the main sources of light in castles, palaces and the other buildings. First, they provide a maximum of light, and secondly, harmoniously decorate the spacious halls and corridors.

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