Colored crystals - Table lamps

The original and extraordinary lighting fixtures include table lamps decorated with colored crystals. They are intended to create additional lighting, and are an excellent option for decorating living rooms and other spaces. Table lamps are placed:

● on bedside tables in bedrooms

● in the recreation area of ​​the guest room

● on the desk in the study

Many designers use them when decorating the interiors of cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, billiard clubs, exhibition centers and other premises in the commercial sector.

The frame of table lamps is made of metal, the surface of which can be gold, chrome or any other shade. The crystals used to decorate the lamps differ from each other not only in color, but also in shape. They can be in the form of a drop, a ball, an oak leaf.

In addition to the lighting function, table lamps are used as a decorative element. They decorate the room, are its highlight, emphasizing the individuality of the interior.

Our company ArtGlass offers table lamps in a modern and classic style. Each piece is a work of art, pendants crafted from the finest Bohemian crystal, creating a unique sparkle and radiance.

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