Chandeliers - Spiral

To give the interior of an apartment, house or other premises the luxury of royal palaces, a spiral chandelier will assist. Lighting fixtures of this type are an excellent solution for rooms with high ceilings and flights of stairs.

The light sources (lamps) in such chandeliers are located in a module that is attached to the ceiling. Fasteners depart from the module, on which decorative elements are fixed, in a spiral.

You can buy spiral chandeliers made of high quality materials in our ArtGlass online store.

The lineup consists of lighting devices that differ from each other:

● the color of the base, decorative elements

● the number of light sources

● power

● installation method

With the right choice and proper placement of chandeliers-spirals, the required degree of illumination of the premises is created, and thanks to the refraction of light on a plurality of decorative pendants - an amazing shining effect.

Spiral luminaires, which harmoniously combine the strength of metal and the airiness of crystal, are the perfect addition to any room. They act as the main accent, emphasize the sophistication, sophistication and, at the same time, the luxury of the interior.

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