Floor lamps

As secondary lighting fixtures used to create additional lighting, floor lamps, or lamps that are installed on the floor are used. Due to their functionality, convenience and practicality, these models are integral attributes of not only residential but also office premises.

Floor-standing luminaire is a type of lighting equipment, the design of which consists of:

● high stand (the height of the stand is different in different models);

● light sources (lamps).

Depending on the design features, lamps can be open type, hidden by textile lampshades or glass shades. Standing lights with lampshades emit a diffuseВ dim light that does not fatigue the eyes. Models with shades create directional lighting, making them an excellent solution for reading, handicrafts.


Among the existing advantages, several main ones can be distinguished:

1. Mobility. Floor lamps are popular due to the fact that, if necessary, the device can be moved to another place in the room where there is an outlet, or rearranged to another room.

2. No need for wall or ceiling mounting.

3. No need to buy a pedestal, a coffee table, or other furniture for placing a floor lamp.

4. Diverse model range, which allows you to choose a floor lamp for both classic and modern interiors.


Based on this parameter, floor lamps are presented in two groups.

1. Functional type. Designed to provide high-quality work lighting. Such light completely covers the entire room of a small area, or a separate section of the room. Many light structures provide the ability to adjust the angle of the stand, swivel the plafond / lampshade.

2. Decorative type. Such models, as a rule, do not represent a full-fledged light source. They provide diffused illumination of low power, due to which a cozy atmosphere for relaxation is provided in the room.

You can buy floor lamp online of European quality, made in Italy, Czech Republic, in our ArtGlass online store. The catalog contains classic and modern models in various colors, made of glass, metal (brass, stainless steel), as well as luxurious floor lamps made from Bohemian crystal.

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