Colored crystals - Glass Arms

You can complement the interior of any room by installing a crystal lamp with glass arms. In addition to fulfilling its main function, it will become its main accent element, emphasizing the refined style of both classic and modern interiors. Such lighting devices are used in the design of the interiors of living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and other living spaces, as well as restaurants, halls and hotel rooms, concert halls, other institutions and premises in the commercial sector.

The lighting devices of these models are characterized by the presence of open light sources in the form of candles. Due to this, such lamps in appearance resemble ancient candelabra.

Our company ArtGlass offers to buy lamps with glass arms, decorated with colored crystals. In the catalog of our online store, they are represented by models:

● suspended and ceiling type

● with a frame of gold, silver, or any other color

It should be noted that for the manufacture of pendants, our company uses high quality Bohemian crystal. Each decorative element is cut in a special way, so when the rays of light are refracted, the lamps create a magnificent radiance and luxurious shimmer.

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