500 CHF - 1500 CHF

A large selection of lighting devices for arranging indoor lighting in residential spaces and commercial premises is presented in the online store of our company ArtGlass. At an affordable cost, the quality of each model is very high. For the manufacture of lighting devices, not only the best materials (metal, glass, crystal) are used, but also modern technologies that improve the performance of lamps.

The category 500 CHF - 1500 CHF includes:

1. Chandeliers with transparent pendants and decorated with colored crystals (with glass arms, brass, with lampshades, spiral chandeliers)

2. Luminaires of suspended and ceiling mounting type

3. Modern lighting

4. Floor lamps (floor lamps)

5. Wall lamps (sconces)

6. Table lamps

7. Spots (spotlights)

Lighting devices are represented by models with open light sources in the form of candles, with shades or textile lampshades. They differ from each other in the type and power of the generated lighting, design, overall dimensions, color, material of manufacture and other parameters. They must be taken into account when choosing a chandelier or lamp.

Depending on the purpose, lighting fixtures can be primary or secondary to create additional light. The variety of designs allows you to choose lighting for both classic and modern interiors.

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