Ceiling Lights

Beautiful ceiling lights offered by our company ArtGlass amaze with their magnificence, grace, variety of shapes and designs. These lighting devices are used in the design of interior lighting:

● living rooms

● bedrooms

● bathrooms

● hallways

● kitchens

● canteens

In addition to being used in homes and apartments, a ceiling lamp is an attribute of the interiors of respectable restaurants, art galleries, fashionable hotels, clubs, salons and other commercial premises.

Particular qualities

The design of such lighting solutions consists of a frame with light sources placed on them. Depending on the design features, they can be:

● open type

● hidden by shades made of transparent or colored glass

● decorated with crystal pendants

Installation of these models of luminaires is carried out close to the ceiling using a special fixing strip. In this case, there should be no gaps or free space between the frame and the ceiling. Ceiling lamps, thanks to their compact size, are an excellent option for rooms with low ceilings.

Crystal ceiling lamps ArtGlass made in Italy and the Czech Republic are distinguished by their elegance and special charm. Their installation will allow you to bring an atmosphere of luxury and royal grandeur to residential or other premises. The diverse range of products allows you to choose between luminaires for luxurious classic interiors, as well as lighting fixtures for practical, functional modern designs.

The use of crystal ceiling-type lamps will help to make the interior complete and highlight interesting architectural solutions, or design ideas.

How are used

In rooms of a small area, an installation of one ceiling lamp will be enough. And in large rooms, a group of crystal suspensions (from two or more) will look appropriate.

A free-standing lamp ceiling light can be used to illuminate various functional areas in a room. The use of several lighting devices is an opportunity to emphasize the uniqueness of the situation, its uniqueness, to place accents.

Buy a ceiling lamp of high quality assembly from the best materials, you can in our online store. Any model of a crystal lamp will create a magnificent play of light, become a worthy choice, and add elegance to any room.

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