Chandeliers - Glass Arms

You can decorate, complement or even completely transform the interior using chandeliers with glass arms. These are lighting fixtures with open light sources (lamps) that imitate antique candelabra. They are characterized by graceful shapes, smooth curves and luxurious design.

Traditionally, such models are used in interiors made in a classic style. But thanks to their versatility, they are perfect for modern designs when arranging lighting:

● apartments

● country mansions

● luxury villas

● magnificence hotels

● restaurants

● conference rooms and other facilities

Depending on the design features, chandeliers with glass arms are presented in two types - suspended and ceiling types. Suspended models are mounted using a flexible or rigid suspension, and are used in rooms with high ceilings.

Ceiling-type chandeliers are installed flush with the ceiling using a special fixing strip. They are often used in rooms with low ceilings.

You can buy beautiful and exclusive chandeliers with glass arms online in our ArtGlass online store. Models are made of high quality glass (transparent or colored), decorated with crystal pendants of various shapes and sizes.

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