Modern Lights - Pendant lamp

Interior lighting is an integral part of the design of premises for various functional purposes. And modern pendant lamps presented in our ArtGlass showroom are popular among designers today. Having correctly selected and placed them, you can make any room not only original and interesting, but also create comfort and a cozy atmosphere in it.

Suspended luminaires are popular solutions for rooms with high or standard ceilings. Their installation is carried out using a flexible (cord, string) or rigid (metal tube) suspension. Thanks to the ability to adjust the length of the suspension, you can install the luminaire at any distance from the ceiling. The lineup includes suspensions:

● with glass shades (made of transparent or colored glass)

● made of metal

● with lampshades

● decorated with crystals from Bohemian crystal

In small rooms, the pendant lamp can be installed alone in the center of the ceiling, and provide the main light for the entire room. In large rooms, it is advisable to place a group of suspensions along the entire ceiling. In addition to the main lighting, lamps can be used for zoning a room, or for highlighting a specific piece of furniture.

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