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1. What is the difference between glass, crystal and Swarovski crystal?

George Ravenscroft in 1676 invented a method of manufacture of crystal glass with lead. Crystal is glass with added lead. The purity of the crystal depends on the % additive of lead. The higher the percentage, the purer and more expensive crystal. The crystal contains more than 30% lead oxide. World standard content of lead oxide in crystal glass products is 24%.

Why are these additives? First is the weight. Crystal is heavier than glass. Second - strength. Thirdly, but most importantly - these supplements provide a unique play of light on the crystal glass products.

Crystal glass differs from conventional crystal low lead content – from 4% to 15%.

What are Swarovski crystals? The Creator of the brand Daniel Swarovski personally developed a method for the production of crystal. The main feature of the Swarovski crystals is a completely transparent crystal, which contains a high percentage of lead oxide and other components, that the company keeps secret. The company has patented a special cut of the crystal with a large number of side faces (seven wide and narrow faces), and gives a unique Shine like diamonds.

2. How to pay?

When ordering, we ask for full payment.

3. In all of the city delivery is possible?

Delivery possible to anywhere in Switzerland.

4. Shipping only in Switzerland or in other countries?

Delivery is possible in other countries.

5. Who is the manufacturer of the chandeliers?

Country of origin Czech Republic. Manufacturer of lighting fixtures plant Artglass.

6. Do you work with designers (designers to participate in development projects)?

Yes. We work with designers.

7. Is it possible to manufacture the lamp according to the sketches?

Yes. We can produce a chandelier ( lighting fixture of any complexity ) on your sketches.

8. Photos in the gallery are the projects that you have implemented?

Yes. Photos in the gallery only show you some our completed projects.

9. What are the options topcoat chandeliers possible?

Options topcoat for lamps: polished gold colour brass-brushed Nickel, patina.

10. What should be the ceiling height?

Standard 245см ceilings, low ceilings 228см and high ceilings 292см and above. In our catalog a very large selection of chandeliers of different sizes and shapes, you will be able to make the right choice corresponding to the height of your ceilings. You can see the dimensions of the chandelier in its technical characteristics we have on the website and calculate if it suits you or not. You can also contact us and we will help you to make a correct calculation of the size of the chandelier you need.

11. How long must we wait after ordering?

Production time of lamp depends on its complexity. This is usually from 6 to 8 weeks.

12. Are any of the bulbs to the light fixture?

No, bulbs are not included in the kit to the chandelier. They must be purchased separately. In the instructions to each lamp, uksan type bulbs for this chandelier.

13. Is it hard to assemble the chandelier?

With a chandelier you will receive detailed instructions for Assembly and installation, following which you will be able to assemble the chandelier. If the chandelier is large or it has a complex design, at your request, we can recommend a specialist on the Assembly. Please note that his work is not included in the cost of the chandelier.

14. Is the original chandelier from the photo?

The image represents the overall shape and size of the chandelier. The most realistic photo shows a chandelier, but you have to see it in reality to appreciate the beauty, excellent illumination and great craftsmanship.

15. If you need to replace any part of the chandelier?

In case of requirement of any item for chandeliers, you can always order from us.

16. Can I use a dimmer with the chandelier?

Yes, our chandeliers you can use a dimmer.

17. How to care for a chandelier?

The crystals are cleaned with a special liquid for cleaning crystal chandeliers or simply water without adding any detergent. The frame of the chandelier, wipe clean with a soft microfibre. Crystals cannot be placed in the dishwasher. With the purchase of chandeliers you will get complete guide to care.

18. What is the warranty on lighting?

One year.

1. We guarantee you that our lighting is not acrylic.
2. Our suppliers reserve the right to make minor changes in its products without prior notice.
3. We can recommend a master electrician to install your chandelier. Please contact us for information as this will depend on your location§ and the size of the chandelier.
4. We are the official representatives of the Czech Artglass factory in Switzerland.
5. If you want to become our partner, please contact us.

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