Ceiling Lights - Modern

Ceiling lights modern presented by ArtGlass will be an ideal solution for fans of practical and functional interiors. Lighting fixtures in the Art Nouveau style amaze with a variety of shapes (spirals, "crystal rain"), designs and color palette. Modern Czech crystal lamps are characterized by:

● refinement and airiness

● lightness of geometry

● unique design

● softness of lines

In any room, both residential and commercial, a modern ceiling lamp will create a special unique atmosphere, emphasize the style and sophistication of the interior.

Modern ArtGlass lamps are made in Italy and the Czech Republic from the best Bohemian crystal, metal and glass. Models are decorated with crystal pendants (transparent or colored) of high quality cut. Depending on the design features, light sources can be open type, or hidden by shades.

In addition to the main lighting function, ceiling lamps in Art Nouveau style act as an ideal decorative addition to the interior. They will become its decoration, accent element, add elegance and nobility to any room.

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