Suspensions - Classic

Even with a large presence of style trends, the classics do not lose their popularity. Classic pendant lights can not only illuminate but also decorate rooms in this style. The models are a real work of art, and are represented by lighting fixtures made of crystal, with ornate frames, open candle lamps, imitating ancient candelabra.

Lighting fixtures in the classic style are characterized by:

● symmetry

● correct proportions

● elegance of lines of structural elements

● rich decor

Light sources in such models can be not only open, but also hidden by glass shades, textile lampshades of different colors. To provide the main lighting in small rooms, it will be enough to install one pendant lamp. In premises of a large area, two or more lighting devices can be installed, or one main lamp with floor lamps, sconces, spots and other lighting equipment for
additional light.

You can buy pendant lighting in the ArtGlass showroom. Here there are models for classic interiors, made in Italy and the Czech Republic. Popular are lamps with glass arms, cast.

Lighting devices with a metal frame and others are decorated with pendants made of Bohemian crystal.

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