Floor lamps - Classic

Popular lighting fixtures that are used in the interiors of premises for various purposes (residential, office) include floor lamps. The classic floor lamp is popular in the design in these premises, the interior of which is made in a traditional classic style.

For models in this style direction, ornate forms are characterised by the presence of a variety of decors, the light sources in them are hidden, as a rule, by lampshades. Such lighting devices are installed on the floor, without the need to purchase a curbstone, a coffee table. The advantages of floor lamps, due to which they gained popularity, include:

● lack of assembly work

● mobility (the device can be rearranged to any place or to another room)

● practicality

● functionality

Depending on the purpose, floor lamps are divided into functional and decorative. The former create a bright and high-quality work light, the latter are sources of subdued lighting and are intended, to a greater extent, to decorate the room.

You can buy classic style floor lamps made of glass, Bohemian crystal or metal online in our ArtGlass online store.

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