Colored crystals - Shade

To create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom, guest room, kitchen or other living spaces, designers use lampshades with lamps. Such models were at the peak of popularity in the past, but the use of modern solutions in their manufacture allows such chandeliers to be in demand today.

The word "lampshade" came to us from France, where the first lampshades appeared. If then they acted in the form of an unsightly attribute that protects the eyes from blinding light, then modern lampshades are unique in their beauty products that amaze with their magnificent and sophisticated design.

A diverse range of chandeliers - lampshades is presented in the catalog of our ArtGlass online store. We offer lighting fixtures decorated with colored crystals that are suitable for lighting and decorating interiors:

● classic

● modern

All luminaires are of high quality materials and workmanship. Each model is a real work of art. Crystal pendants are made of the finest Bohemian crystal; due to their special cut, they create a magnificent play of light, beautiful shimmer and shine.

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