Colored crystals - Floor lamps

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Floor lamps, or floor lamps, are used in the arrangement of indoor lighting in residential and non-residential premises. Lighting devices of this type are placed on the floor.

The models represent a high stand with light sources (lamps) placed on it, which are hidden by lampshades or shades. They protect eyes from glare, and create diffused, subdued lighting for a cozy atmosphere.

Floor lamps are incredibly popular due to their versatility. They are an additional source of light, but in addition to the lighting function they are also used to decorate rooms, they fit perfectly into the general concept of their style direction. Floor lamps are used in the interior:

● living rooms

● bedrooms

● workrooms

● hallways

The correct choice of the height of the floor lamp, depending on the size of the room, the direction of the light flux in a certain direction, contributes to a visual increase in space, zoning of the room or highlighting a certain piece of interior.

You can buy floor lamps of European quality in our ArtGlass showroom. Our company offers designer exclusive floor lamps decorated with colored crystals of various designs.

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