Ceiling Lights - Classic

A great alternative to chandeliers is the classic ceiling lamp. This lighting device is used to create the main lighting in rooms for any purpose:

● residential (living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, others)

● commercial sector (offices, hotels, restaurants, cafes, exhibition centers)

Ceiling-type lighting fixtures are most often installed in rooms with low ceilings. They are attached to the ceiling closely, without the formation of gaps and free space. Installation is carried out using a special mounting plate.

Classic ceiling lights are often the main accent element. In small rooms, one lamp will be enough, while in large rooms it is allowed to install two or more lamps.

The models differ in the material of manufacture, the number of light sources (lamps), power, design and color. These and other parameters should be considered when choosing lighting equipment.

You can buy stylish and sophisticated classic style lamps in our ArtGlass online store. They are made of metal, Bohemian glass and high quality crystal.

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