Chandeliers - Maria Teresia

Chandeliers from the Maria Teresia collection belong to a separate category of luxury lighting. Each chandelier Marie Therese has a special luxury and splendour. The release of these lighting fixtures was timed to coincide with the coronation of the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa, after which they received this name.

A large selection of chandeliers of this collection is presented in the catalog of our ArtGlass company. They are made in Italy and the Czech Republic from Bohemian crystal.

Maria Terezia chandeliers are:

● a real embodiment of splendour, light and fantasy;

● purity of forms;

● an example of exquisite luxury.

Each model is a combination of high-quality metal and crystal shine, which will not leave indifferent any connoisseur of beauty. The use of such chandeliers will help create the atmosphere of the royal palace, highlight the individuality and luxury of the interior.

Metal horns can be made in several colors - gold or silver. They are framed by crystal tubes, which are an exact copy of the bend of the horn. Crystal rosettes are used to connect them.

Each Maria Theresia luster is decorated with crystal trimmings (clear or colored) of different designs and sizes. Each pendant is characterised by a high-quality cut, which creates a magnificent shimmer when light is refracted in the room.

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