The most popular lighting device used in organizing lighting in a house or apartment is a chandelier. This is a broad category of luminaires, featuring models in a variety of styles, designs and sizes. Chandeliers are installed in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, hallways and other residential areas, as well as in rooms and halls of hotels, exhibition centers, offices, cafes and restaurants, and many other spaces.

The main task of the chandelier is not only to illuminate the room. It also acts as an important decorative element with which you can emphasize individuality and originality of design.

You can buy chandeliers of European quality online in the ArtGlass showroom. Our company offers lighting devices with high quality assembly, made of the best materials, using modern technologies.

Chandelier classification

Chandeliers differ from each other in different parameters.

1. Material of manufacture. It can be glass, metal (brass, stainless steel), Bohemian crystal.

2. By target. Typically, a chandelier is designed to create the main light. But some models also perform an aesthetic function, and act as the main accent of the room, decorate it.

3. Colour. Lighting fixtures can be versatile white in pastel colors for understated designs, or vibrant hues for bold and modern interiors.

4. Overall dimensions (for small and large rooms).

5. By the type of construction. Subdivided into ceiling and pendant models. The first ones are mounted close to the ceiling using a special fastening strip, suitable for rooms with low ceilings. The latter are installed with a suspension (rigid, flexible), suitable for rooms with high ceilings.

6. The number of light sources (lamps).

7. Type of light flux. This indicator depends on what the lamps are hidden with - a lampshade, a plafond.

8. Style direction. All chandeliers presented in our online store are models for classic and modern designs.

The chandelier price depends on these factors as well as the type of decor. These can be crystal pendants of different colors, shapes and sizes, in addition, the chandeliers can be decorated with Swarovski crystals. The high-quality cut of each pendant creates an amazing shine in the room when the light is refracted.

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