Wall lights - Classic

Classic wall lamps are used as additional lighting devices in the design of luxurious and rich interiors of country mansions and apartments. Wall-mounted lighting devices are appropriate:

● in guest rooms

● bedrooms

● workrooms

● hallways or corridors

Classic style wall lamps are available with open candle lamps, glass shades or textile lampshades. Depending on the design features, they can be with one or more light sources. Sconces are also subdivided into near-surface, suspended models, and mounted to the wall using special brackets.

Wall lamps are used to create illumination in a certain area of ​​the room, as well as as a decorative element. Classic models are very beautiful, so they will attract attention, harmoniously combine with a chandelier or ceiling lamp, made in the same style.

A wide range of classic wall lights are presented in the catalog of our ArtGlass showroom. All wall lamps are made of high quality Bohemian crystal, glass and metal.

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