1500 CHF - 2500 CHF

Our company ArtGlass is one of the world's most renowned indoor lighting manufacturers. All lighting fixtures are made in Italy and the Czech Republic, from high quality materials, using modern technologies. We offer a varied range of lighting fixtures for interior decoration, made in classic and modern styles:

1. Chandeliers, including those with colored crystals, casting, with glass arms, from the collection of Maria Theresa, with lampshades

2. Ceiling and pendant lights

3. Spots (spotlights)

4. Floor lamps

5. Wall lamps

6. Table lamps

Lighting fixtures are great for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, offices, hallways, as well as hotels, restaurants, offices, exhibition centers and other commercial areas.

Chandeliers and lamps are lighting equipment for creating primary and secondary lighting. In addition to its immediate task, any model will become a decoration of the room, its main accent. It will not only harmoniously combine with other decorative elements, but also make the interior holistic, give it a finished look.

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