For the arrangement of indoor lighting in apartments, country apartments and other premises, it is necessary to use different types of lighting devices, both basic and to create additional light.

You can buy all the necessary lighting equipment in our ArtGlass online store. The assortment consists of:

1. Chandeliers and lamps (ceiling, pendant)

2. Spot

3. Wall lights

4. Floor lamps

5. Table lamps

All lighting equipment is of high European quality, meets the standards and norms. Lighting fixtures are made in Italy and the Czech Republic, most of the work is done by hand. Models can be with open lamps in the form of candles, also light sources can be hidden by glass shades, textile lampshades. The variety of lighting fixtures allows you to choose a chandelier or lamp for classic or modern interiors.

In the manufacture of materials used such as Bohemian crystal, glass, metal (brass, stainless steel). Chandeliers and lamps are decorated with crystal pendants of various shapes, colors and sizes. Due to the use of a special cutting technology for each crystal in the room, when the rays are refracted, a magnificent play of light is created, a radiance and brilliance that is unique in beauty.

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