Chandeliers - Shade

A popular lighting device in the design of living rooms, bedrooms, offices and other rooms in houses, apartments, is a lampshade. As a rule, it acts as the main light source and is installed in the center of the ceiling.

The word "lampshade" originated in France and literally means "dimmer". Lampshades are an integral part of the lamp, which are used in interior design not only to create light, but also to decorate rooms.

The main function of the lampshade is to hide the light source (lamp), thereby protecting the eyes from bright glare. Also, the lampshade creates the desired illumination by absorbing, reflecting and / or scattering light.

Varieties by installation method

Depending on the design features and the type of installation, the chandelier lampshade is presented in two main types.

1. Ceiling type

2. Suspended type

Ceiling light structures are products that are used for installation in rooms with low ceilings. Their installation is carried out using a special fastening strip close to the ceiling (without gaps and free space between the surface and fasteners).

Hanging chandeliers are ideal for rooms with high ceilings. Their construction consists of a flexible or rigid suspension with which they are attached to the ceiling. By adjusting the length of the suspension (cord, chain or string), the chandelier can be installed at any distance from the ceiling.


Chandeliers with lampshades are designed to serve multiple functions.

1. Lighting. This is the main task of the lighting fixture.

2. Decorative. In addition to creating light, chandeliers-lampshades act as an aesthetic element. It is a decoration of premises, emphasizes the individuality of design, and attracts attention.

In order to choose the right lighting fixture, you should take into account such factors as the size of the room and the height of the ceiling, the general stylistic direction of the design, and others.

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