Colored crystals - Maria Teresia

Lighting fixtures from the Maria Teresia collection are models that amaze with their magnificence, luxury and majesty. They are an integral part of royal palaces, castles, country estates, private apartments and other premises.

Each chandelier from the Maria Theresia collection is a work of art that will allow you to create an exquisite aristocratic interior. The production of the first lamps many centuries ago was timed to coincide with the ascension to the throne of the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa. From then until today, the lamps have remained named after her.

Lighting devices are intended to perform two main functions:

1. Lighting

2. Decorative

In any room, the Maria Theresia luminaire will act as the source of the main light. It can be used with lamps to create additional lighting in the same style. In addition to the lighting function, lighting devices from this collection act as a decorative element and decorate the room.

You can buy online exclusive Maria Theresia lamps with crystals in our ArtGlass showroom. High quality Bohemian crystal is used to make the lighting fixture and crystals.

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