Modern Lights - Ceiling Lights

Modern ceiling lighting fixtures are among the popular colours for decorating lighting in Art Nouveau interiors and other contemporary trends. Designed to perform two functions - lighting and decorative. Corresponding to the rest of the decor present in the room, the lamp will not only illuminate it with high quality, but also act as a fundamental decorative element.

A large selection of modern ceiling lamps are presented in the catalogue of our ArtGlass online store. The lineup consists of products:

● with glass shades made of transparent or colored glass of various shapes and designs

● metal

● with open light sources

● decorated with colored or transparent crystals

A ceiling-type luminaire can be the main element and be placed in the centre of the ceiling, which is typical for small rooms. In large rooms, it can be installed from two or more lighting devices along the entire ceiling. Ceiling lamps can create diffused, directional light, depending on their design. This and other factors (luminaire size, number of light sources, etc.) must be taken into account when choosing a model.

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