Wall lights - Modern

An excellent lighting solution for interiors made in modern, minimalism, loft, hi-tech, and other modern trends will be a wall lamp modern. A sconce, or wall lamp, is a compact lighting device that is used in the interiors of living rooms, bedrooms, study rooms, bathrooms, hallways or corridors, as well as hotels, cafes, bars, and other establishments or premises.

Due to the small size of lighting devices, they do not take up much space in the room, so their use is important for rooms with a small area. Used in conjunction with chandeliers or ceiling lights, sconces act as sources of additional light. They can also be used as the main lighting fixture in rooms (for example, storerooms) where bright light is not needed.

Based on the design features, wall lights modern are divided into models:

● with open light sources

● with shades made of transparent or colored glass

● with textile lampshades

You can buy sconces for modern interiors in our ArtGlass online store. We offer European quality lighting fixtures made from the best materials.

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