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1.1 "General Conditions" means the general conditions for the sale of ARTGLASS Suisse Sàrl.

1.2 "Internet site" means the website and all linked web pages to this domain.

1.3 "ARTGLASS" refers to ARTGLASS Suisse Sàrl, registered at Route de Divonne 50A, 1260 Nyon, Switzerland.

1.4 "Product" means all products sold by ARTGLASS Suisse Sàrl through its Internet site.

1.5 "Client" means physical or the legal person who carried out the purchase of the Goods by means of the Internet site.

1.6 "User" means physical. or the legal person visiting the Internet site and not carrying out the purchase.

1.6 "Delivery" means the delivery of the purchased Goods to the address of the Customer specified in the order.



If there are differences in the translation or interpretation between different language versions of the General Conditions, then the English version prevails.



3.1 These General Conditions apply to the process of purchasing the Products offered for sale by ARTGLASS through its website to its Clients.



4.1 The client can choose the Products from the assortment of the Internet site and collect them in the "basket" by clicking the "add to cart" button.

4.2 By clicking on the "Place an order" button, the Customer makes an offer for purchase in accordance with Article 3 of the Swiss Law of Obligations, which links it to ARTGLASS regarding the purchase of Goods in the basket, for a period of 4 working days from the day of placing the order. By clicking on the button "Agree with General Conditions", the Client confirms that he has read and accepts the General Conditions.

4.3 Automatic confirmation of the order sent by e-mail to the Customer confirms that the order was received by ARTGLASS, but is not yet acceptance of the Client's offer.

4.4 The contract between the Client and ARTGLASS is concluded only at the moment of sending the confirmation of the purchase to the Customer, via e-mail.

4.5 If the ordered goods are not available for sale, ARTGLASS reserves the right not to accept the client's offer, thus the contract between the Client and ARTGLASS is considered not concluded. The client is informed about this by e-mail. Any amounts already paid for the ordered products, in this case, are returned to the client.

4.6 If after conclusion of the contract it turns out that the ordered goods can not be fully or partially provided to the Client due to force majeure circumstances or for reasons not related to ARTGLASS, ARTGLASS has the right to completely or partially renounce the contract. The client is informed by e-mail. Any amounts already paid for the relevant Goods are either fully reimbursed (in the event of a complete waiver of the contract) or in part, the amount for Goods that can not be provided (in the event of a partial waiver of the contract) is refunded. The customer can not make other demands.



5.1. The contractual relationship between the client and ARTGLASS, including the acceptance of these General Conditions, begins with the sending of a purchase confirmation to the customer via e-mail.

5.2 The contractual relationship between ARTGLASS and the Customer is concluded for an indefinite period.

5.3 The Internet site provides a fast and easy online procedure for canceling a subscription. The aforementioned contractual relations are terminated after the client completes the aforementioned procedure for canceling the subscription.



6.1. In accordance with Swiss law, the client does not have the right to exchange or return products.



7.1 The client is responsible for creating at home technical prerequisites that provide access to the services of the website. In particular, the client must have the necessary equipment, software, Internet connection and navigation software.

7.2 Using the services of the Internet site also assumes that the client system accepts cookies transmitted by the Internet site. The client is responsible for ensuring the necessary adjustments.

7.3 It is also the client's responsibility to take the necessary measures to protect his own system. This includes, in particular, the security settings of the browsers used, the installation of the firewall, the use of the latest software to protect against computer viruses and regular data backup.

7.4 In addition, the Customer is responsible for functional and adequate telecommunication facilities in order to be able to order the Goods and receive any notice from ARTGLASS regarding the contractual relationship with him or the functioning of the Internet Site.



8.1 When using the Internet site or making purchases through it, the Customer or the User does not acquire any rights to the contents of the Internet site, protected by the law on intellectual property. All contents of the Internet site (text, design, pictures and photos) are the exclusive intellectual property of ARTGLASS.

8.2 Except for the written agreement between ARTGLASS and the Client or the Visitor, the Internet site is accessible (and can be used) only for private use, non-commercial use is prohibited. In particular, the customer can not resell, use, copy, monitor (for example, using an indexing robot or screenshots), view, download, reproduce or install deep links to any content or information, software and / or products or services available on Internet site as part of a commercial or competitive activity.



9.1 ARTGLASS reserves the right to periodically review and, if necessary, to adapt the General Conditions at any time. Changes and additions to the General Conditions are communicated to customers through publication on the Internet site and come into force from this moment.



10.1 All prices on the Internet site are quoted in Swiss francs and include the applicable VAT rate on the date of order.

10.2 The cost of delivery in Switzerland is included in the indicated price on the Internet site, provided that the delivery is carried out by mail in Switzerland. If the customer wants to receive the Goods through any other courier service, the cost of delivery is paid separately and depends on the volume of the cargo and the delivery address.

10.3 In case of export sales, the applicable VAT rate will be 0%.

10.4 Goods ordered on the Internet site can only be paid by the following payment methods: VISA , MASTERCARD , AMEX.

10.5 Production of the ordered Goods starts from the moment ARTGLASS receives the total cost of the Goods.

10.6 ARTGLASS does not provide the service to assemble and install the lights sold.



11.1 The Goods shall be delivered by means of Swiss mail within 3-5 working days from the moment of notification of the customer about the readiness of the Goods for shipment. ARTGLASS is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of the Goods at the time of transportation.

11.2 Terms of delivery of the Goods to other countries (except Switzerland) shall be agreed by the parties in a separate order.



12.1 The warranty period provided by ARTGLASS on the Goods being sold is 12 months from the date of sending the Goods to the Client.

12.2 The client is obliged to inform ARTGLASS about any defects or incomplete deliveries, immediately after their discovery and within five calendar days after receipt of the delivery / collection itself. The customer must store the Goods in the condition in which they were delivered and cannot use it. The Customer must inform ARTGLASS Company via email on the Internet site within five calendar days from the receipt of the order. In the event of a violation of calendar time, the customer is not entitled to a claim.

12.3 At its discretion, ARTGLASS may either reduce the agreed price, or, as the case may be, replace the defective Goods with a new equivalent Product or repair it. In the case of the provision of a new Product, the warranty provided by ARTGLASS is equivalent to the guarantee of the original Goods.

12.4 The warranty is void where the customer makes changes or repairs the Product himself, does not use the Goods for their intended purpose (operating instructions). The same applies to the case when the customer, having noticed the defect, does not immediately take all appropriate measures to minimize damage or if he does not inform ARTGLASS about the occurrence of this defect and does not give him the opportunity to correct it. In addition, ARTGLASS, is not responsible for damage caused by improper installation of the Goods or force majeure circumstances that are not related to ARTGLASS.

12.5 The warranty applies exclusively to the technical operation of the Goods and the conformity of the Goods requested in the order for the characteristics.



13.1 Referrals and links to other websites or Internet platforms are not the responsibility of ARTGLASS.

13.2 The Client or the User is solely responsible for accessing and using these sites.

13.3 For the information and services offered by these sites or platforms, their authors are fully responsible.



14.1 ARTGLASS shall not be liable for any damage incurred as a result of incompatibility between the Customer's system and the system operated by ARTGLASS, as well as as a result of the interruption of data transmission by the Internet service provider of the Customer.

14.2 ARTGLASS excludes any liability for damages that the customer may incur due to the unavailability of the system operated by ARTGLASS.

14.3 Finally, ARTGLASS shall not be liable for any damage caused by the Customer's communication, inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant information (in particular regarding the delivery address, telephone number, or the name and surname of the Customer). It is worth to clarify that ARTGLASS does not check the information received from the Customer at the time of placing the order.



15.1 All disputes arising from these General Conditions or the use of the Internet site as a whole are governed exclusively by Swiss law.

15.2 Any dispute arising out of these General Conditions between the Client and ARTGLASS shall be submitted to the courts at the place of registration of ARTGLASS Suisse Sàrl in Switzerland. The possibility of appeal in the Federal Court remains.



If any provision of these General Conditions is to be declared for any reason, totally or partially invalid, unlawful or unenforceable, this will not affect other provisions. Zero, illegal or unenforceable provisions, to the extent permitted by law, must be adapted and accepted as lawful and valid.

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