Table lamps

Together with ceiling and wall lighting fixtures, table lamps are used in the design of lighting in houses and apartments, as well as in other rooms. These are convenient and practical lighting solutions that provide a local, and at the same time, rich light.

Table-type luminaires are represented by a variety of models that differ from each other:

● technical characteristics

● external design

● material of manufacture

● style

Table lamps perform two important functions - lighting and decorative. The reading lamp is placed on the desk in the study, children' room. It provides quality light for working with documents or reading.

Decorative lighting fixtures are most often installed in living rooms, bedrooms, and other rooms where they are designed to create subdued lighting that provides complete relaxation. In addition, decorative table lamps decorate the room and attract attention.

Our company ArtGlass offers to buy table lamps for modern and classic interiors. We have models made of glass, metal and Bohemian crystal.

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