Colored crystals - Wall lights

Sconces, or wall lamps decorated with colored crystals, are not only lighting fixtures, but also beautiful decor. They will become an exquisite decoration of any room (living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen), or restaurants, salons, museums and other premises.

The frame of the wall lamp can be gold or chrome, which allows you to choose a lighting fixture for interiors made in different styles. Sconces are in demand when decorating small rooms. Due to their compactness and placement on the wall, such lighting solutions do not clutter up the space.

A wide range of wall lighting fixtures are presented in our ArtGlass showroom. A diverse range of models allows you to choose sconces for classic and modern interiors:

● different sizes (for large and small rooms)

● with one, two or more lamps

● with textile lampshades

Wall lamps are made of quality materials - metal (frame) and Bohemian crystal (crystals). Each pendant is characterized by a high-quality cut, which creates a magnificent and mesmerizing radiance in the room, when the rays of light are refracted.

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