Pendant lights are popular lighting fixtures for home interiors, as well as non-residential premises (restaurants, offices, hotels, etc.). This includes all lighting equipment in which the light source is located at a certain distance from the ceiling. In other words, these are lighting devices suspended on a string, cord or chain. The suspension can be:

● flexible

● tough

Luminaires of this type are an excellent solution for standard or high ceilings. But due to the ability to adjust the length of the suspension, such lighting devices can be installed in rooms with low ceilings.


Pendant lamps are traditionally used as lighting equipment for overhead lighting. They are a good alternative to chandeliers, placed in the center of the ceiling, or as a group (two or more) single fixtures throughout the ceiling.

If you need overhead lighting in a small room, then one lamp will be enough. In addition, one pendant lamp can be used with lighting devices that create additional light - spots, wall lamps, floor lamps.

In addition to the main lighting function, hanging lamps also perform aesthetic, decorating the room, serving as its main accent. Correctly selected model of the lamp, in addition to creating lighting, will harmoniously combine with other interior items and decorative elements.

Particular qualities/ Benefits

Pendant lamps are popular when arranging indoor lighting due to:

1. Versatility of application. The variety of the model range allows you to choose pendant-type lighting fixtures, both for residential spaces and for offices, hotels, hotels, other institutions and establishments.

2. Simple installation

3. A variety of styles, shapes, colors, lighting designs

You can buy pendant lighting of European quality in the online store of our company ArtGlass. All models are made from the finest materials and are available in a variety of price points - from budget products to exclusive lighting fixtures for luxurious and opulent interiors.

The catalog contains a large assortment of lamps in classic and modern style, made of glass, metal, as well as Bohemian crystal. They can be with open lamps in the form of candles, with shades or textile lampshades.

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