Wall lights

Wall lights are used as lighting devices to create additional light. These are practical and convenient lighting structures that are used by designers for such purposes as:

● focusing on individual interior items, the most advantageous areas of the room;

● creation of local lighting.

Sconces, or wall lamps, are intended for installation on the walls of rooms. They are used in the interiors of bedrooms, study rooms, children's rooms, living rooms, bathrooms. In addition to arranging lighting in living spaces, sconces are used in the interiors of hotel rooms, cafe and restaurant halls, and other premises of the commercial sector.

What to consider when choosing

Only a properly selected wall-type luminaire will provide high-quality light and become an original decor that decorates the room. When choosing a model, you need to consider:

● the size of the room where it will be installed

● number of light sources (lamps)

● power and type of generated light flux

● design

● other factors

Depending on the design features, a lamp wall sconce can be with open light sources in the form of candles, lamps, hidden shades or lampshades. The shape and location of the plafond directly affect the type of light that will be created by the lighting fixture.

Type of placement on the wall

Based on this parameter, wall lamps are divided into several groups:

1. Subsurface. Such models are attached to the wall closely.

2. Lighting structures that are installed on the wall using special brackets.

3. Suspended type. They are also mounted using brackets.

You can buy wall lamp for interior decoration, made in a modern or classic style, in the online store of our company ArtGlass. We offer a varied assortment of wall lamps that are manufactured in Italy and the Czech Republic.

All models are made of high quality materials - glass, metal. Also, our designers have created wall lamps, unique in their beauty, made of Bohemian crystal, decorated with crystal pendants of various shapes, sizes and colors. Due to the special cutting of each decor element in the room, when light is refracted, a magnificent and amazing radiance is created.

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