10000 CHF +

When decorating the interiors of elite country apartments, villas, mansions, for arranging indoor lighting, our company ArtGlass offers expensive models from the 10,000 CHF + category. These are luxurious and elite lighting fixtures, the range of which consists of:

1. Chandelier (Maria Theresa collection, with glass arms, cast brass, spiral chandeliers).

2. Pendant and ceiling lights

3. Spot

4. Wall lights

5. Table lamps

6. Floor lamps

Models are decorated with transparent crystal pendants, or colored crystals, they can be with glass shades, textile lampshades or open candle-shaped lamps imitating old candelabra. 

In addition to the main function of creating lighting, crystal models are an original decoration of any room, its main accent that attracts the eye. They emphasize the individuality and richness of the interior, make it complete.

All lighting fixtures are made of high quality materials - glass, Bohemian crystal, metal. During the production process, a special technique of cutting crystal pendants is used, due to which an unsurpassed radiance and brilliance is created in the room.

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