Spotlights, or spots, belong to modern lighting equipment. They can be used as the main light sources, or act as auxiliary devices to create additional lighting. Thanks to their compact size, the spots do not clutter up the space, so they are ideal for small rooms with low ceilings.

The models differ from each other in the way of installation, and can be:

1. Mortise. They are installed in the holes prepared in advance in the ceiling.

2. Overhead. Such structures are mounted on the ceiling.

You can buy stylish and original spots for decorating the interiors of living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and dining rooms, hallways, bathrooms, offices, other living spaces, as well as commercial premises in our ArtGlass online store.

Due to the variety of the model range, we can choose spotlights for practical and functional modern interiors, as well as for decorating lighting in rooms made in a classic style.

In the manufacture of spot lamps, only the best crystal, glass and metal are used, the spots are decorated with crystal pendants of a special cut, of various designs and colors.

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