Modern Lights - Spiral

Spiral lamps that create a lot of light are an effective and original decoration of any room. Such lighting fixtures have distinctive features in comparison with other types of fixtures.

1. Size. These are lighting solutions, the length of which is 1-2 meters. Given this feature, these lamps are used only for rooms with a ceiling height of at least 3 meters. Also, spirals are used by designers to decorate light in staircases. Passing through several staircase levels, they look very nice and attractive.

2. Construction. The lamps in such lighting devices are located in a module that is attached to the ceiling. Mountings depart from the module, with decorative elements (pendants) fixed on them in a spiral. The required degree of illumination of the room and a stunning light effect are created by refracting light rays on numerous decorative pendants.

A large selection of spiral luminaires for interiors, made in a modern style, is offered by our ArtGlass online store. All models are made of high quality materials - glass, Bohemian crystal.

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