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In a room for any purpose, the main role is assigned to lighting. Chandeliers, lamps, and other lighting equipment, are intended for the arrangement of indoor lighting. Depending on the purpose, lighting can be both primary and secondary.

When buying, it is important to give preference only to high quality lighting equipment. A large assortment of European quality lighting devices is offered by our lamp shop online ArtGlass. This lighting equipment is for:

● living rooms;

● bedrooms;

● kitchens and dining rooms;

● corridors and hallways;

● workrooms;

● bathrooms;

● children's rooms.

In addition to lighting devices for houses and apartments, you can buy lamp online for arranging indoor lighting in offices, restaurants, cafes and bars, hotels and hotels, exhibition centers, concert halls and other establishments, as well as commercial premises.

What we offer to our clients

Lighting sale is the main speciality of our company. For more than 29 years ArtGlass has been providing its services in the market, offering lighting models for different categories of buyers.

We can provide both inexpensive budget lighting fixtures and expensive unique and exclusive designer lighting for luxury apartments, country mansions, castles, objects of national importance.

1. Chandeliers. These are the main light sources, which are usually installed in the center of the ceiling. In large rooms, not one, but several chandeliers can be installed. We have presented models with glass arms, imitating candelabra, cast chandeliers, Maria Theresia collection, spiral chandeliers.

2. Luminaires (ceiling and pendant).

3. Wall sconces.

4. Floor lamps.

5. Table lamps.

6. Spots.

Lighting differs among themselves in the number of light sources, power, material of manufacture, design, overall dimensions. Our company offers lighting fixtures in classic and modern style, made of brass, stainless steel, glass and Bohemian crystal.

Depending on the design features, chandeliers and lamps can be with open light sources (lamps), hidden by textile lampshades, shades of different types and shapes. Models are decorated with high-quality cut crystal pendants, due to which an amazing radiance is created in the room when light is refracted.

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