Page Cristalica Kingdom in Dubern (Germany)

From time to time our company takes part in the lighting design of various buildings, including historical or cultural sites. One of such objects was the project Cristalica Kingdom - a chic showroom of the German company in Duberne "Cristalica", which produces elite glass products. We were invited to make coverage of this showroom, which could highlight all the beauty of the exhibition products in it. And this meant that we had to pick up lighting devices that were superior in quality and design. In particular, we were required to think over the stylistics of the main chandelier, as well as additional lighting - spots (spotlights).

To implement this project, we selected a large crystal lamp spiral from the Spiral Chaos series, and supplemented it with specially designed Spot Chaos spotlights. The result is an ideal picture, conveying a very beautiful shine and refinement of the main lighting, which perfectly harmonises with the spots that complement it. By this we have proved that even such fixtures as spots, that as a rule, serving as additional sources of light, can look chic and attractive.

In our catalog there are various models of spotlights, you can order any of them. Or provide your sketch for an individual project.

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