Page Project «Particles»

When designing the series "Particles" designers tried to move away from the use of classical forms, replacing them with futuristic glass elements that seem to float in weightlessness on barely noticeable threads and wires. These lamps are not only lighting elements in the room - they are works of art

The design of the individual elements and the general shape of the luminaire is developed based on the concept of the design of the room. Fixtures of this series can harmoniously complement the interior of the room, and if desired, can become its main element, attracting enthusiastic views of visitors. In these futuristic lamps, harmony is seen in everything - in the combination of colors, shapes and materials, from which these lamps are made.

We are engaged in the sale of elite classical and modern lighting in Switzerland. You can buy fixtures for home, office, hotel or residence, as well as any other premises in which it is necessary to emphasize the style created by architects.

You can order ready-made chandeliers and lamps from the goods displayed on the site or order the production of a classic or modern lamp according to your own sketches, which the designer and craftsmen will embody in the finished model of the lamp.

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