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In 2015 our team received another historical object for renovation. It was a residence built in the Neo-Gothic style, and located in the triangle of the cities of Lodz, Poznan and Wroclaw. The distinctive features of the residence were  the huge halls, impressive with its scale and splendour, and a unique atmosphere. The building was restored in 2010, but the issue of lighting remained open for a long time.

Having started to work, our designers immediately understood what lighting devices should be in this lock. First of all, the main light should go from the chandelier, lush and solid, impressive overall dimensions and solemn design. It was also necessary to take care of the wall sconces, but they have a secondary role in this ensemble, and therefore we made them fairly simple and unpretentious, but only in appearance , all the materials that were used in the manufacture of lighting fixtures are of the highest quality, and perfectly conveyed the play of light and colours.

If you are interested in this project, you can contact our specialist. We will develop a similar project based on your individual requirements and wishes.

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