Page Project «Stopnica»

Sometimes there are buildings with a rather ascetic design, but they are not devoid of solidity and solemnity. The main aim of the project, that was followed by the designers of these interiors were that there should be nothing superfluous, but what is - should be perfect. The Stopnica project is a vivid confirmation of this. The low-key interior design appeals with solidity and chic. The only thing that was missing was a lighting device worthy of taking its place in this building.

We made some very special lights to solve this problem, the main one was the owners own design chandelier. It took quite a long time to create a sketch of the ideal chandelier space for this. To produce it, only high-quality metals, crystal and glass were used. The additional sources of lighting were also carefully worked out, they were created in such a way as not to take attention away from themselves ,but at the same time, to harmoniously complement the main chandelier, beautifully playing along with it.

Our team is ready to carry out such a project again. Having looked at the photo, you can see how beautiful and unique your room can look if it has such a lighting device.

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