Page Project «Lotus»

In various cultural traditions, the lotus flower symbolises the realisation of the potential spiritual possibilities of man. In Buddhism, the blossoming lotus symbolises spiritual unfoldment and purity.

We were approached by representatives of a Buddhist temple in Singapore, with the request to embody the idea of this spiritual foundation into a designer chandelier. It was not simple, but a very interesting task for our masters to convey the spiritual idea of ​​Buddhism in the metal and glass of the lamp, and fill it with radiant light from within.

The finished chandelier in the form of a lotus surpassed all our expectations - elegant shapes of metal created a flower shape, and crystal pendants, very similar to drops of morning dew flowing from the petals of the lotus, created harmony.

A special desire of the customer was the engraving of the Tibetan mantra "Óm mani padmé húm" on separate flower petals - this inscription was made using a delicate sandblasting technology of glass.

Our company is always very interested to work with similar projects, where the realisation of creative potential is required, and the union of spiritual foundations and technological capabilities can create a masterpiece.

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