Page Project «Shooting Range»

When an order for the design of a national cultural monument comes, our team is ready for any difficulties. In 2008, one such project was an object called Strelbische, located in the Czech Republic. The building was originally constructed at the end of the XIX century, and was the venue for important ceremonies, concerts, public events. This meant that the lighting had to be perfect.

The general interior of the premises corresponds to the style of the Renaissance, which simplified the task, as there are clear criteria and standards for this style, but at the same time, it was necessary to provide something original, which would help to single out the building among other similar historical objects. But we coped with this task. The main source of lighting was a huge chandelier,  under it were other small lighting fixtures that were created by us -ceiling lamps and wall sconces. As a result, a very interesting and beautiful project became a reality, and, most importantly, there is nowhere else where you will see such a design. However, we can implement a similar project according to your order. You just need to contact our employees to clarify all the details.

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