Page Gothic Church in Manchester

The modesty and restraint of the inhabitants of England are known throughout the world. But this concerns only manners and rules of conduct. The decorations and interior design of everything is just the opposite , proof of this is the architecture of Britain, which is richly decorated and always delights.

Our team of designers were tasked to choose the lighting for the Gothic Church, considering all the architectural features of the building. We stayed middle and big size chandelers from the Maria Theresa Collection. It was necessary not just to install in the room chandeliers, but also to style and decorate it. In the design of Gothic buildings, the chandelier has always been an important element, so it should emphasise the beauty of the architecture. The chandelier was supposed to impress visitors not only in the evening when the lights are on, but even during the day with the lights off. Therefore, we used the highest quality form of crystal pendants, made of top quality crystal and with the very best cut. This is the only way to see the best light refraction in the crystal, the rays and colours.

If you want to decorate your house with chandeliers, feel free to contact us. Our catalog includes several collections of this style that will help you to choose the right model.

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