Lighting Fixtures VERRE 02–I
  • Pendants variants:
    • VERRE (N90090 SIAM RUBY)
    • VERRE (N60002 AQUA)
    • VERRE (N60240 AQUA GREEN)

Lighting Fixtures VERRE 02–I

The Vision lighting collection are unique handmade lamps made by masters in the same style within one collection. Natural phenomena, architectural structures and even the seasons are amongst the things that have inspired our designers and craftsmen to create ceiling and wall lamps for this collection.

The Vision collection is suitable for any modern interior - from apartments and lofts to conference rooms, restaurants, hotels, public places, etc.

If crystal pendants are used in the luminaire elements, this is the highest quality crystal (30% PbO). The pendants have a high-quality cut, which gives them an unrivalled and luxurious brilliance.

VERRE is a combination of sharp edges with fine and rounded lines. The contrast of these lines is further enhanced by a subtle decor emphasising the shape of each individual glass segment. Precisely hinged segments then form splendid spirals.

VERRE is a spiral-shaped light fitting made from cut flat glass with a touch of colour.

Lighting fixtures are shown here for the purposes of illustration only and the designs can be tailored depending on the client’s requirements and technical feasibility. Likewise, the full range of surface finishes and colour designs may be more extensive than those shown.

88.00 kg
Additional Information:
  • Made in EU
  • Supplied without bulbs
  • Suitable for LED bulbs
15 500CHF

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