Page Project «Yantarnaya Casino»

Chic and luxury - that's what every casino visitor should see. Only this can lead to positive thoughts, the game, excitement, the desire to win. Therefore, the interior of the casino is thought through in advance, and the best designers take part in its planning. This applies not only to finishing materials and furniture, but also lighting. Dull unprepossessing light, budget lighting, can greatly damage the image of such an institution. A client will just does not want to stay, let alone take part in a  long and exciting game.

We took part in lighting the Yantarnoy casino, offering the ideal solution for this facility. Our designers have used all their imagination to achieve the desired effect. Chandeliers, created by us, could conquer both the administration of the institution and visitors. Bright, colourful lighting in an elite style, without too much pathos and pretentiousness, has become a real decoration of the casino halls. You can spend hours playing, and at the same time do not feel the strain and fatigue of the eyes. To implement the project, only the best materials were used, as evidenced by a magical overflow of light and paints of lighting devices. And now our catalog has replenished with new models of chandeliers, which you can order for yourself by contacting Bohemian Chandeliers.

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