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One of the most difficult moments in equipping the room with lighting fixtures is the combination of chandeliers in classical and modern style. However, for our team this is not a problem. On the contrary, it is very rewarding for us to implement similar projects, since the result can be compared to a real masterpiece of art! Completion of the residence in Odessa required a huge amount of strength and skill, but we coped with this. The lighting fixtures we designed fit perfectly into the interior, effectively emphasising all its features.

Materials of only the highest quality were used to convey the play of colours and light that can be observed with the lights turned on. The highlight of the project was a huge chandelier, which makes it possible to illuminate several staircases. To create it, several thousand elements were used, in many rows.

Other premises of the residence we have equipped with modern lamps and classic chandeliers of smaller size. As additional sources of light, there were discreet ceiling spots that did not attract attention, but blended harmoniously with the general ensemble of the lighting system.

In our catalog you can choose a project for your residence or order author's solutions from us, having received unique lighting designs.

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