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During our time we have had to deal with many interesting projects, but the decoration of the boutique hotel Růže was a real challenge for our team of specialists. It was required to not just design such a significant object, which is visited annually by thousands of tourists from all over the world, but also to correspond to an entire period of time. Our goal was that the Chandeliers and lighting devices would harmoniously fit into the design of the 16th century, when this building was originally constructed.

To manufacture the chandeliers in the medieval Czech style , we had many challenges , the lights were medium in size, but with large metal frames, plafonds in the form of candles and a minimum of jewelry. The decor was the main element of the lamp, which had a bizarre shape , but this was the design used at that time in the Czech Republic, and we were able to recreate it!

The work was difficult, but allowed us to fully demonstrate our potential. Now in our catalogue there are such models of chandeliers ready to decorate your home or commercial building, Whether it is a restaurant, a hunting club in the Middle Ages style or a hotel complex. If you do not find what you are looking for in our catalogue, we will be happy to complete a project exclusively for you, and our designers will help to draw up sketches of the future lighting of your house.

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