ArtGlass Ligting Light+Building Expo 2018

Modern contemporary lighting design and traditional crystal lighting desgin by ArtGlass Lighting, Czech company, presented at the Light+Building Expo 2018 in Frankfurt.

Geometry Collection by ArtGlass Lighting

Introducing the collection of beautiful modern lighting fixtures: GEOMETRY. Geometry is one of the oldest scientific disciplines dealing with shapes, formations, their sizes and proportions. The lighting fixtures from this collection are simple, elegant and fresh, and will be a unique addition to decorate all interiors, not just modern ones.

Art of Nature Crystal Lighting Collection by ArtGlass Ltd

Brand new collection of crystal chandeliers called the Art of Nature, inspired by the countryside of Northern Bohemia combined with the tradition of crystal lighting manufacture. ArtGlass Lighting Ltd.

The Story of Crystal Chandeliers

The official promotional video for ArtGlass.

From the designer's idea to the real beauty of crystal lighting.

Watch the hundreds of years old Story of the traditional Bohemian crystal chandelier manufacture, starting from the designer's idea made into a drawing, through the birth of crystal glass in fire, to the glittering Bohemian crystal chandelier in the end.

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