Maria Terezia Collection - Elite Lighting

"MARIA TEREZIA" chandeliers is a separate category of elite lighting, the history of which began back in 1743, when these chandeliers were specially made and installed on the occasion of the coronation of the Empress Maria Terezia. Since then, this kind of chandelier is named in her honour. These lamps for centuries have adorned the most beautiful interiors in the world: luxurious palaces, residences, public spaces, museums, castles, parliaments, town halls, churches and other important institutions. Crystal chandeliers "Maria Terezia" can artfully decorate home interiors as well. Chandeliers from the Maria Terezia series will create an atmosphere of luxury and grandeur of a royal palace in your home.

Crystal chandeliers "Maria Terezia" radiate infinite beauty, finesse and elegant splendour and continue to be very popular. A crystal chandelier, wall-mounted fixture or a table lamp from the "Maria Terezia" series will bring beauty, glamour and style to your interior. Our collection has a wide range of fixtures of different sizes which will help you make the right choice and ensure your lamp meets the needs of any interior.

We follow the traditions and guarantee high quality. Our chandeliers are made from the highest quality crystal. Crystal chandeliers "Maria Terezia" are hand made by our finest craftsmen. Chandeliers "Maria Terezia" is the choice of those whoprefer luxurious classics.

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