Brass crystal chandeliers and lighting

Cast chandeliers are made of a unique alloy, based on copper - brass. Experienced craftsmen carry out artistic processing of individual cast parts and surface refinement of these parts according to the specific customers’ requirements, while observing the highest production standards, in order to obtain the final effect.

Brass chandeliers are decorated with various patinations, in this way, they receive gold, silver or antique design to ensure their style matches with the required interior. Brass lighting fixtures are decorated with sparkling crystal pendants, both classical - transparent, and coloured. Designers use brass cast chandelier almost in any interior. Modern brass chandeliers are used for lighting in hotels, restaurants and offices, important social and public institutions. In a residential house, such chandeliers may be installed in almost any room, the key is to choose the style and design of the lamp correctly.

What makes modern brass chandeliers so popular?

Brass chandeliers have a long history. Before electricity was invented, brass chandeliers lit interiors with candles. Brass is a reliable alloy with a long service life, which makes it ideal for the production of fixtures used for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

In addition to being a high-quality alloy, brass has additional advantage of requiring little maintenance. Also, brass chandeliers are suitable for interiors in any climatic conditions, because such luminaries are resistant to corrosion by their nature.

If you decide to buy a brass chandelier, remember that it functionally serves not only as the main source of light in the room, but also adds elegance and luxury to the interior. A cast brass chandelier is a significant detail that will decorate your house perfectly.

Buy brass crystal chandeliers in Switzerland

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